The gîte is open year-round. Most of its clients are groups (adults, families, school, summer camps) who come in spring, summer and autumn. We offer board, half-board and celebration meals.


Self-catering (rental) is an activity that has increased in recent years.


A staff of 2.5 FTE (full time equivalent) throughout the year, going up to 5FTE in high season insures the running of the site.


Freehold, run by the limited company (renting with a commercial lease). The manager is self-employed and spouse is employed.


Clients: adults and families


We welcome groups only (10 to 100 people max.) mostly for 1 to 6 nights. They are families and friends (birthdays, weddings…) sports clubs and associations (ramblers, cyclists, gliders).


For the past few years, our large room (150m2), and the lifestyle offered have, together with appropriate catering (organic, vegetarian, gluten-free…) attracted more particularly people interested in yoga, relaxation and other activities linked to wellbeing.


The gîte has been rated two “épis” in the Guide du Routard since 2000.


Clients: children


We are accredited with Education Nationale for 2 classes - 55 students. We organise throughout the year discovery classes (Classes de Découvertes) on the themes of the natural surroundings of mountains, ecology and the environment in partnership with the Terre Vivante centre.


Our DDCS accreditation (previously DDJS for summer camps of 56 children sleeping in beds and 25 camping) allows us to welcome during the school holidays, associations, MJC, camps, leisure centre activities supported by local authorities…




What we offer:


We offer two categories of service:


Board and half-board for which we offer meals adapted to the needs and activities of the groups. From basic meals to wedding breakfasts, including special diets - vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc., we cater to all needs. For large weddings (up to 120 guests in the big room) we work in partnership with off-site caterers. The gîte can accommodate up to 73 people in bedrooms and dormitories, with the possibility of a campsite for both tents and camping cars.




The demand for self-catering is increasing. We rent the gîte out for either a week or a weekend and the guests are independent and cater for themselves with full access to the professional kitchen. This method has the advantage of freeing up your time and requires fewer members of staff.


Some facts and figures…


1400m2 floor plan across the buildings, 2 hectares of land, numerous rooms from 40 to 150 m2


17 bedrooms with 2 to 6 beds - sleep up to 63 guests in bedrooms with an extra 10 in dormitories


Pre-tax turnover of €180k/year covering 2.5 salaries over the year. 90% of the activity taking place over 9 months.



Looking to the future


There is great potential:


Trièves is developing its relationship with ecology and the environment. Its assets are the protected status of the landscape and its geographical location


The gîte, the outbuildings, and the land offer a number of possibilities for development. Such as:


- furnish more guest rooms in the annexe


- start a small holding - fruits, medicinal plants, teaching farm…)


- specialise in the wellbeing market, set-up a spa with jacuzzi…


 -only take self-catering bookings and continue unrelated work


- and anything else you might think of…



Whatever your project, we are at your disposal to insure the smooth transition of your activity.